Nine reasons to read the Lorien Legacies


As promised, a translation of my article for the blogtour of AW Bruna…

You’ve probably heard of I am number Four, the first part in a series of fantasy books written by Pittacus Lore. This Pittacus Lore is an Elder from the planet of Lorien who is telling the story of his people. His planet got destroyed by the Mogadorians, a brutish and bloodthirsty race that shows no mercy. During the invasion of the Mogadorians, nine members of the Garde were sent to earth, together with their Cêpans. They were to grow up on earth and harness their Legacies, so that they can destroy the Mogadorians and rebuild their home planet. But the Mogadorians followed the nine Garde’s and they will not give up until they are defeated. Only then can the invasion of earth really begin…

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Deel DWVZRecently, AW Bruna, a Dutch publishing house, organized a blogtour about the newest addition to the Lorien Legacies. On behalf of I was asked to review the book and write an article about whatever I wanted. I decided to write an article that sums up 9 reasons to read the series. For those who think 10 would’ve been a better number: it was symbolical. You should read the series and find out why.

The article is written in Dutch, but I think I will upload an English version soon. I’m a bit preoccupied with my internship, birthdays, but mostly because we’re going to get a PUPPY!!! I’m hyperexcited and we’re going to visit the doggies for the first time this saturday. I might upload some pictures soon, so look out for those…

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MINTS: Movies I Need To See

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This blogpost addresses something that all movie lovers are dealing with. I’m talking about the overload of movies that are premiering constantly. For myself, I have a list of movies that I really want to see, but since there are not enough hours in my days, I will probably never see the light at the end of that list. Adding to that problem is the constant production of new, amazing movies that I, as fervent movie addict, can not, and will not, ignore. So, those are added to that same list.

This will be an attempt to organize and control the input for my to watch-list. But maybe it’s also just an excuse to watch those addictive trailers over and over again, until I find the time to go see the real thing. Enjoy!

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