Nine reasons to read the Lorien Legacies


As promised, a translation of my article for the blogtour of AW Bruna…

You’ve probably heard of I am number Four, the first part in a series of fantasy books written by Pittacus Lore. This Pittacus Lore is an Elder from the planet of Lorien who is telling the story of his people. His planet got destroyed by the Mogadorians, a brutish and bloodthirsty race that shows no mercy. During the invasion of the Mogadorians, nine members of the Garde were sent to earth, together with their Cêpans. They were to grow up on earth and harness their Legacies, so that they can destroy the Mogadorians and rebuild their home planet. But the Mogadorians followed the nine Garde’s and they will not give up until they are defeated. Only then can the invasion of earth really begin…

What follows here are nine reasons to read the chronicles about the Lorics. Don’t know the series yet? No problem. There won’t be any (major) spoilers, but for better understanding and a more complete reading experience, I advise you to start with the first book.

1. Intriguing story
Aliens. That’s what these books are all about. Not just some green specimens from Mars, but a group of Lorics and a complete army of Mogadorians. The idea that a group of aliens is hiding on earth, our little and beautiful planet, in fear of a bloodthirsty and unearthly cruel race, is interesting and original at the least.
Humans are simple. We have ideas and then we make things. A human, however, is not that different from the other animals on our planet. Only the fact that we have thumbs and a more developed brain, places us higher on the food ladder, than, in example, a gecko. In comparison with humans, Lorics are much more advanced than we are. But then why do they come to our planet for refuge? What do we have to offer in their battle with the Mogadorians?

2. Believable constructed plot
A good book is for many readers something to look out for and something to enjoy for hours. A series of books is even better, but often those end up as butter, stretched over too much bread.
The Lorien Legacies seem to become an exception to this. The Revenge of Seven is the fifth book in the series already, but although the novelty of the story has faded, the developments are still credible for the readers. ‘Are those aliens still not blasted into green slime?!’ The answer is no. Mogadorians turn to ash and to defeat an entire invasion army, you’re going to need a little more than seven hundred pages. Most stories have a crisis just before the grand finale which makes it seem like there can’t be a happy ending. Until something miraculously saves the day and the enemy is defeated. But this isn’t Twilight and after the first crisis, a second follows and then a third…

3. Well written
Of course, almost every good book is written by an author with a pleasant writing style. Is a plot incredibly exciting, but the writing bad? Chances are, you put the book away in hopes of another author, one that can write without sentences that make you want to pull your hair out of your head, that comes and writes a similar story. Thankfully Pittacus Lore knows how to tell a story. Simple sentences, but in a way that you can feel the explosions and the ashes of the Mogadorians descend on the pages of your book.

4. Mystery
Around aliens and Legacies there´s always a veil of mystery. Who are they? Where do they come from? Do aliens eat chocolate or aren’t they resistant against it? All kinds of questions float in your mind when reading this book. Luckily, most of your questions get answered, but then new questions arise. Especially about Setrakus Ra: the Beloved Leader of the Mogadorians. Who or what is he? Where did he come from and what is his evil plan? How did he come by his powers and most of all: can he even be defeated?

5. Tension
As told above, the story is pretty well constructed and even after five books hasn’t dried up yet. Part of this has to do with the tension and excitement that weaves through the pages. The story of the battle between the Lorics and the Mogadorians is about war, monsters, blood spilling, Legacies and alien rocket launchers. After breaking the protection charm, that prevented the Mogadorians from killing the Lorics randomly, everybody can become the next Mogadorian victim. Tension and action go hand in hand in these series and the ashes of the Mogadorians, but also the blood of humans and Lorics, stain the pages regularly.

6. Romance
Even though romance isn’t the main focus in these books, romantic feelings and action scenes fit well together and add an extra dimension to the story. But love in times of war: is that a smart idea? For some it’s a miracle; a salvation. For others it means a path to sadness and revenge.

7. Humor
Humor and tension don’t always connect well. Who can’t name a book or movie in which a humorous one-liner completely ruins the seriousness and tension of a scene? A misplaced joke can ruin the credibility of a scene big time. Luckily, Pittacus Lore created a Sam Goode. This nerd, who later gets promoted to Mogadoriankilling nerd, knows how to light up the atmosphere without undoing the seriousness of a situation. Pretty impressive… for a human.

8. Psychological depth
The Lorien Legacies are written from different perspectives. Each Garde has lost someone and some more than others. This way you get to learn their sorrow and sadness and you get to understand their actions a little bit better. You also get to experience what it’s like for a ‘regular’ human, to participate in a war between two alien races. Something that’s probably new to most of us.

9. Chimaera’s
No explanation needed actually. Who wouldn’t want an alien monster that can turn itself into a bird, a dog, a cat, a gecko of a big monster? And when it can eat three Mogadorians in one bite, while simultaneously killing two others with its Stegosaurs tail, it’s clear. Where can I buy this book and does it come with a Chimaera?

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